simskachingidk, I haven’t finished the lot yet
Yehet~Sure, you can talk to me anytime :D

idk, I haven’t finished the lot yet

Sure, you can talk to me anytime :D


SBS Roommate house preview;

Anonymous said: All your pictures are precious!! WCIF the cute hanging plumbbobs in /post/83093408439?

thank you~ :3


The plumbbobs are by Keoni and can be found HERE; (Poppet made some recolors!)

social-bunny said: So you listen to k-pop ? Or is it another "Miracle in December" song ?

hahah yes, i like kpop~

Even though i can’t understand it, some of the artists/bands are really talented and have beautiful voices. It’s refreshing and different from american music.

Anonymous said: Hi, du hast Love me like the world is ending doch im Comic Stil geschrieben. Welches Programm hast du für die Sprechblasen und die Kästen im Bild benutzt wenn ich fragen darf? :)