SBS Roommate house preview;

All your pictures are precious!! WCIF the cute hanging plumbbobs in /post/83093408439?

thank you~ :3


The plumbbobs are by Keoni and can be found HERE; (Poppet made some recolors!)

So you listen to k-pop ? Or is it another "Miracle in December" song ?

hahah yes, i like kpop~

Even though i can’t understand it, some of the artists/bands are really talented and have beautiful voices. It’s refreshing and different from american music.

Hi, du hast Love me like the world is ending doch im Comic Stil geschrieben. Welches Programm hast du für die Sprechblasen und die Kästen im Bild benutzt wenn ich fragen darf? :)


/post/47290338076/shooting-eyes-download can you post this model?

ugh… i’m sorry, i don’t think i have him anymore :(

Darren and Darleen Dreamer;

Pt.1 | Pt. 2

Inspired by Miracles in December/월의 기적